Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5th- Here's Australia For You...

This article puts an individual face to the injustices faced by many asylum seekers and refugees in Australia. At this very moment, people all over the country are suffering like Ranjini, stuck "indefinitely" in detention centers, separated from their loved ones, with no legal right to work.

The human rights violations committed by the Australian government can no longer be ignored.

Right now, Australia is in the climax of their Prime Minister elections. Both sides have radical viewpoints on how to address the issue of the "boat people." Neither Kevin Rudd nor Tony Abbott are doing anything to better the situation.

Maybe after the elections one side will realize the gravity of this issue and try to rectify the damage before Australia's reputation as a free, democratic, human rights oriented country is completely destroyed.

Australian refugee Ranjini in court challenge

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